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#143692 - She laughed, then paused while she crossed her hands over her chest and pulled her tube top off up over her head, dropping it behind her also; she had no bra to remove I knew already. I slid back in, slowly and shallow, out and in, and I knew it was going to happen soon, wanting Ha to at least get this few minutes of happiness, so I gritted my willpower and plunged in and back, hard and soft, soft and hard until she began keening, a powerful, high-pitched moan, rising as I began really butting her cervix on my in-strokes until she screamed into her pillow and I held myself there until I felt it burst, and whatever juice was inside me flew inside her like a jet of water, and she stiffened her whole body against me yet shuddering inside with a climax. I arrived home, told Long I wouldn’t need him for the weekend, and grabbed a beer, stripping my work clothes off and substituting a loose pair of house shorts and no shirt.

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