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#192340 - The Social Studies teacher was a good sight; she had just graduated from the teacher school, and she were 20-ish years old. With my other hand, I reached down and touched the hood; I released the hood and then put my finger on the hood, rubbing her clit in small circles through the hood. When I had taken the keys out and put them in the lock, unlocking the door, we got into the closet, and I smiled as I saw Lisa undress instantly, finally I got to see her tits in real life, and without anything covering them, I had only seen Emma’s before, and these were even bigger then hers, they were huge I thought (thinking about that they were about the size of some of the pornstars I had seen, I wasn’t disappointed) But it was when I saw her clean-shaven pussy my boner got really huge, that was when she ran over to me, undressing my pants, and then my boxer, she said “WOW! The last time I fucked someone was John in 10B, and his were like 5 inches long, and had this disgusting white layer outs

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