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#133180 - I still occasionally get the chance to have sex with my wife but it just isn't the same she is like a different woman her pussy is not as it used to be it has been a long process but my stupid idea about bringing in another person to bang my wife because I thought it would be hot back fired on me. Sasha was at home getting ready it was late arvo and I was exited to see what Ray was like in the flesh his pictures really were impressive and I was a little intimidated by the size of his cock and ripped body. He then asked if I wanted to join in I hesitated at first but Sasha wanted me to come and play together so I dropped my pants and stripped my shirt off I am pasty white and both Sasha and Ray were tanned nicely I was on the bed side naked and sort of shy Ray made a joke about comparing our cocks to Sasha and she laughed but she sed to come over beside Ray and I did she grasped my cock and Rays cock at the same time mine was rock hard and I didn't even come close and Ray wa

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Kanata konoe
I just read that this boy was born in 1998 damn i feel old
Maki genryusai
This hentai is perfect and a must watch