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#202286 - As the water boiled I poured the drinks, and Lou asked for sugar, this time I just smiled leaned over Gretchen and got the sugar from the same cupboard, this time I pretend to have to go in deeper, my cock touched Gretchen's face, I stayed like that for a few seconds until I had the sugar, then said sorry, Gretchen looked a bit embarrassed, but smiled and said you're lucky I was going to bite it and laughed. As he did they moved closer, then we could see it was a couple possible mid 40's or so, both average build , wearing shorts and tee shirts, as they got closer she had good sized tits too, and her tops came off soon after too, he then turned and kissed his lady, while they still kept a eye on us, my cock felt like it was growing more, with them watching. Rick now took interest in what we were doing and looked to see my cock still pulsing inside here ass, he stood and came closer, then as my cock slipped out, he moved straight in, his cock growing harder by

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