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#272265 - Now there shall be no deception or cheating; I've a novel idea how the lots shall?be drawn, said Bertha, drawing up her clothes till she showed the beautiful lips of her luscious cunt, just peeping out between the slit in her drawers as her legs were wide apart; then drawing me close to her side she gave me the slips of paper and whispered in my ear to arrange them in her cunt with the seven ends just sticking out. She drew me on to a couch, and I thrust the affair into her already spending cunny; her bottom responded to every shove, whilst I felt the smarting cuts of the birch, which Corisande was applying alternately to myself and Alice; it was most delicious. To prevent jealousy or any undue preference there was a deep box on a sideboard, where the refreshments stood; in this box were deposited slips of parchment, each bearing the name of one of the gentlemen present, and the ladies had each to draw for her partner in the first waltz, and the pas de deux after it.

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