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#150090 - His orgasm seemed to go for ever, but it was most likely only 15 seconds, then he pulled back, his massive flared cock was covered in his cum, then Jan’s body fell limp, I held the glass to her ass, as she lay exhausted from his fucking, the guys cheering her on saying that was the best yet, but Jan was to buggered to move, I got a couple of guys to help me lay her down, then with the full glass of horse cum, above her face Jan looked at me with a “I’m to buggered to move look” as the sticky white cum fell onto her face and hair, the guys rubbed it into her tits and face, some shot their cum over her too. It was while the girls were sliding up and down one another’s bodies sharing the cum, that I saw the new guys arrive, Steve had met them and told them the rules, and now another 15 or so new cocks found the girls bodies and began to keep them busy. While both girls were free I got them to put on a good lesso show, using the toys and fisting one another, this gave the guys ti

Read Bro Yoru ga Kuru made Matte. - Fate stay night Branquinha Yoru ga Kuru made Matte.

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