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#343789 - -No-she said nervously – why would you ask that? Well, because Kelly said If I found some money she would fuck me-more soda, I couldn’t believe I had told her that -well, the thing is, sometimes we need some money so Kelly lets some guys do stuff to her for extra cash, she likes it a lot because she’s always horny so it’s not like whoring- -What about you?- I asked - do you sometimes do stuff for money?- Sometimes- she said- but not always- -ah ok- I said -If you get some money you could fuck Kelly-she said smiling -cool I said- and started to laugh, we both were laughing We hanged out all day around the mall, talking, fooling around, going to the stores, Cindy shop lifted a sweater and shirt right under my nose, I thought it was so cool, we had a blast, when It was time to go home we walked together to the corner I had seen her before and then we went on separate ways. My story begins with a discussion I overheard one night, it was my mom and my older sister Cindy, she had j

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