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#335202 - We went out for another year until we graduated, we both had the best sex of our entire lives, and fucked everywhere we possibly could. It was wonderful, she moaned so loud I thought the neighbors would call the police, and we rocked into the night until I had one last giant orgasm, sending her into her own, then I slid out of her and lay on her for hours just listening to her fall asleep, then I woke her softly up to carry her slightly to the shower, As I moved her into the shower she started to cry for she was so weak she couldn't bathe herself, so I did so very gently, then I carried her back to her bed and found a shirt in her dresser and put it on her, her smiled at me and kissed me again and again until we both fell asleep.

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Yuki himekawa
Your sound quality is better in the second part but i like the angle a little better on you perfect booty in this one i came so hard my eyes went to the back of my head and there is cum everywhere it s gonna take a minute to clean but soo worth it thank you so much