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#276305 - “Stop” I said “the brush isn’t coming out of you its coming out of me”, “I know, I can feel the friction tugging, it feels like nothing I have experienced, it hurts but I quite like it” “What do you want to do?” I asked she moved her hips backward , this pushed the brush back into my cock fucking it once more, she moved her hips forward and once again the brush slid from my cock and remained lodged in her cervix, she squealed in delights as the bristles and ferrule moved a few millimetres deeper into her hungry womb, she raised her hips again ,this time a good portion of the brush slid from my Urethra leaving a few inches inside, slowly she lowered her body, I could feel the handle of the brush pushing its way back into my cock, the question was how much was going to go back into me and how much would push itself into Sharon’s womb? Sharon was making a low groaning noise as she slowly impaled both of us from the inside, the question about how much she would get, was answered, when

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Milk it dry
What a shamee
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Who is yuri xd
Damn baby girl you did that damn thang amazing
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I love it