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#77149 - . Then Darryl pulled her up off of the pool table and onto her tip toes, and roughly crushed her big naked abused breasts against his chest, forcefully kissing her with little regard for her feelings, her bruised breasts or the fact that she had swallowed a lot of cum through those pretty red lips of hers! Then said to Deanna answering her earlier plea for help, anything I can do whatever I want? She now not as sure, or so quick to answer said, almost in a whisper anything, you can do anything? Thinking nothing he would do could possibly be as painful abusive or humiliating as being naked choked slapped around and raped in the dark back alley by six big black sexually sadistic perverts, and all of this with her clit painfully lassoed and abused! She smugly thinking to herself that it had definitely satisfied one of her most darkest and perverted sexual fantasy's! Then with a knowing smile on his face Darryl said to Deanna, turn around bend over and tighten those pussy muscle


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