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#18771 - As Lewis enjoyed her ass again I took my cock to her mouth, might as well make her air tight, as the three of us fucked her hard, poor Lyn played with her toys keeping her pussy and ass busy, her night wasn't going all her way, I took my cock out of Kerry, and eased it into Lyn's ass, although she was enjoying my fucking her ass, I knew she wanted the other two cocks more, who wouldn't. Kerry was now kneeling, her mouth on Lyn's boobs, my cock buried deep inside her hot pussy, as Lewis tried to get his cock in somewhere, Lyn saw this and told James to lay down, her pussy went straight back onto his cock, as Lewis moved in behind her knowing where his cock was going. Kerry told us she would only watch, and see them fuck us both, and then let me fuck her while Lyn takes them both, we agreed that would work out well, but for her to expect the guys to pester her for a fuck all night too, as they were horny younger studs, Kerry's eyes showed us she wanted them

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Perfect body i love this kind of hentais and such content hole stretching hot
Ayaka kagari
So hot is the right side of your clit more sensitive than the left you seem to work that side more my gf is the opposite of you she has the tiniest but still cute clit but she gets off so much easier playing with the right side as in she will gently move my finger tongue dick or whatever back to that side if i stray too far away
Croix bartel
Hell yes