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#309607 - fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck Jason! Mom said Sorry Its okay, I understand your frustration the doc said we can get all the stuff now and you can be out of here in a little bit alright I agreed I'm sorry honey mom said I know Mom, Farrah, and Michelle all hugged me I love you guys We know Farrah said The doctor and a nurse walked in with all of the needed supplies and it was all said and done within a half hour. The defender threw it up to the right wing and he carried it into the zone and left it for the defender who who just stepped on, he waited a second and passed it to me but the puck hopped over my stick and made its way to our left winger who threw it around on the boards behind their goalie to our right winger who deflected it to me, as the puck entered my wheel house I twisted my body and shot it i watched as it lifted over and past the goalies glove hand into the net. I was the first on the ice and skated back to our lone defend

Read Pauzudo Otetanu to Shibatanu to! - Touken ranbu Prostituta Otetanu to Shibatanu to!

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