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#405448 - Sunday, waiting for Des to head back to work, I just had to go out, my cock impatiant for her again, so around 5 pm, I drove back to say good bye to Des and get ready for more fun. I'm not sure if she meant to or not, but all of a sudden she went down a few more inchs, a loud orgasm followed quickly, as she rode me harder, then I moved my fingers, playing with her bowels, her orgasms one long loud moan now, I handed her the poppers, and again, her anus opened up more, she was going wild. We spent the rest of the night fucking, and playing, she used the toys in my anus, and I used them all in her, the vibe and my cock filling her butt, so I told her to take a good sniff, then I fisted her butt, she managed to take it to the wrist.

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