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#105006 - He smiled, “She’s safe, in the next few weeks I’ll check to see if she’s pregnant, if she is, I’ll be looking after her for the next nine months” I summed up the few scraps of energy left in my body and swung my arm towards his face, punching him hard in the nose, it began to bleed. We tried for a baby about a year ago, but it didn’t work…” I didn’t understand why he was telling me this, I felt like I should interrupt and ask but he was clearly leading up to some bigger point, and telling me things which were very personal, I didn’t want to be rude, “Apparently she can’t have children, and to top it off, neither can I… something wrong with our genes, it means my sperm doesn’t work and her body can’t hold a baby, we thought about adoption, but we really want to raise the child from the moment it’s born. I sat outside at the dinner table with Matt and George, “Hey, you we’re in the dinner queue for ages mate…” I smiled, “Yeah I know, fucking dinner ladies…” I began eating, “Hey, ha

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Is it just me or does that dood sound like the geth from mass effect