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#221783 - Her gaping cunt, now not more than inches from his face, was like a magnet to his tongue! The flavor and aroma were totally intoxicating, and he had always wondered what it would taste like, and it was much better than he had ever dreamed possible!!! Even after only a few seconds, he was a confirmed cunt lapper, and there was nothing he could do about it, he was hooked like an addict to heroin! Up and down her slit he let his mouth and tongue roam, taking his time to savor this new found experience! Through gritted teeth she ordered, Do my clit, Tommy, do my clit, and needing no more prodding, he let his tongue work it's magic all over the erect little love button and the next thing he experienced was having a woman cum in his mouth! Loud groans gurgled from deep in her throat, as her vaginal muscles contracted hard on his tongue and a torrent of liquid filled his mouth as her orgasm shook her whole body in ecstasy!!! Her legs now like wet noodles, she slumped down next to hi

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