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#255447 - Tuesday December 16th 2014 *ring* The bell goes off as everyone starts to rush down the stairs to get to their next class. fuck class suck my dick! Dalton said pushing Rylee back on her knees well if you insist Rylee says with a school girl laugh And with that Rylee started working slowly Licking his shaft up and down slowly with the tip of her tongue Dalton closed his eyes and rested his head against the wall Rylee then puts her lips around the head of his dick and slowly back off and repeats it Slowly putting her lips around and then slowly back off Rylee then swirls here tongue around his dick and Daltons eyes fly open holy shit he says out of shock suprised you? Rylee says back raising one eye brow haha yeah just a little sorry Dalton says kind of laughing to himself as Rylee got more into things she started to put the Daltons juicy dick all the way in her mouth and back out slowly and would swirl her tongue around the head Daltons hands

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Ichika hoshino
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