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#112338 - I didn’t know about Tony, but since seeing his mom’s tit’s I was rather aroused, now hearing she was naked in my arms, my cock was trying to break out of my underwear. For ten minutes we just sat there not talking, then with a shake of his head, he got up and started to dress, I was seconds behind him, then we heard his mom calling us, she asked if we wanted bacon and eggs for breakfast, “Please mom” “Ok” “we went down and sat in the lounge until it was done, when we went into the kitchen, Heather was dressed and was acting like she had always done. Tony sat there not believing what he was seeing, “You’ve not, have you”? “I have, I couldn’t help it, she squeezed my cock and I couldn’t stop myself” “Wow, you’ve fucked my mom and cum in her” Heather then dropped back, passed out, we lay her back and covered her and went to bed ourselves.

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Mana aida
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Kurz weber
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