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#107167 - His friend asks me how I feel about having them both in both my holes, I look at my ex, he so wants to I can tell, I have never had both holes filled and I have to admit I was a bit scared, they are both huge fucking cocks, will they hurt, my ex sensing my thoughts tells me that if it hurts they will both stop and I believe him, I know he would never hurt me and he proved that when he thought his friend was hurting me when fucking my ass. I turn to my ex and he smiles at me, watching what his friend was doing and asks me “are you happy babe?” and I said “yes, this was the best thing I could’ve done, I’ve missed you so much”, I look in his eyes and that is when I realize he still loves me, his eyes never lie, they have always told me so much when I look into them, he finally says “please tell me you are here to stay and this isn’t a quick trip, I don’t think I can handle that pain again babe?” and I have no idea how to tell him that my ticket was only for 2 weeks.

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