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#336106 - i want to, you want to, its something we both want, sex is a beautiful thing an id love to experience that with you she started to blush, smiling and said wow hun, very well put. then out of the blue she says ive been thinking about you and your hints allot lately, not to mention that dick of yours i look at her with a smile, then she says so be honest, how serious are you? i tell her im very serious she asks what about your girlfriend? i say what about dad? she says good point i look at her and say your the only one id be ok with having sex with on the side she looks at me and smiles then says i feel the same way about you so as we are sitting on the couch she asks do you find it weird that in ten minutes you could be having sex with me, after all i am you step mom? hell i changed your dippers when me and your dad got together i looked at her an said no it dont bother me, i look at it like this. i slowly made my way back to the door to see her bent over

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