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#149506 - The crowd of 4 men followed and watched, slowly starting to touch her in places where he wasn’t, removing her knickers with force and rubbing her clit. Shazia was wearing a short sleeved belly top that tied up in the front, showing a lot of her 32DD cleavage and a matching black micro mini-skirt. 30pm the boss finally arrived, he spoke briefly to the waiter and came over “Hello Miss!” he said “Hello Uncle Sir, I am a friend of Asad!” she said “Asad? Who is this?” he asked “He said he is your son, he worked in your restaurant in London, Newham!” she explained “Ah, my brothers restaurant is in Newham, are you from Newham?” he asked “Yes Sir” she said finally relieved that someone knew who she was “You are very far from home, hold on let me call my Brother and see who this Asad is!” Shazia was a bit confused, she had the right place but it was not his dad.

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