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#172221 - “Oh, just that Peter told me that Sally goes both ways and that she thinks you are really sexy, so do I for that matter”. “Don’t worry Jan, you look absolutely fabulous, Jim is a lucky guy to have a woman whom looks a beautiful as you and I am a lucky guy to have had the privilege of seeing you in your birthday suit, I have wanted to do that from the first time we met! You know, Jim, the lucky bugger saw my wife butt naked weeks ago”. I joked how sexy she looked with her bright red nails and her clean shaven pussy, with that Jan pulled her pussy lips apart saying “here have a good look darling!” Well Peter could not contain himself and burst out laughing, Jan, realising that Peter had heard and seen everything, blushed profusely her face turning a bright pink.

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White mage
Wow nice job
Dice arisugawa
What a beauty she is so hot
Minori nakazawa
She is the goat
Fucking marry her bruh
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