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#282528 - Hearing you gasp again he moves round a bit more to better get to your pussy, you realise his cock it so close to your face, now you can’t resist moving your head and pushing your tongue out to touch the exposed tip of his member. Gasping again you start to work his cock moving your head back and forth then reaching up you cup his balls and squeeze gently feeling him respond, his cock getting even harder as you massage first his balls and then the rest of his exposed member, suddenly you try to scream as he bites you clit harder than you’ve had done before sucking it as he pulls away before mashing it with his tongue bringing you to another orgasm. Almost dropping your shaking body back down to the bench he comes round to your head and makes you take his cock in your mouth again, tasting your mixed juices you greedily lap and suck as much as you can off his softening member making it twitch and release more for you to swallow.

Read Woman Fucking OYOME SAMBA - The idolmaster Dick OYOME SAMBA

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