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#321931 - I quickly dressed and flushed the toilet before heading to the breakfast bar to wait for Chook and for the first time heard Pam moaning and groaning in the bedroom. As she felt me stiffen Pam stopped her wiping and looked up at my anguished face with a range of emotions crossing her eyes, I started to throb in her hand as I ached for release then a strange look crossed her face and she stated “we better make this quick” and laid back on the tiles pulling me down by the penis. Occasionally we would have a proper session where she would teach me what she liked and how to last longer, I really enjoyed those times and even made her cum quite a few times.

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Tione hiryute
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Meyrin hawke
It is very rare to find my type in life let alone as a pornstar i envy the lucky guy who has her