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#21707 - A hard rap on the brass knocker and the door was immediately swung open by Julie, Cathy's best friend. How did she get roped into these things?!? Oh well, a few of her other friends were going to be there, and she hadn't seen some of them in months. She then guided her hot nipple into the mouth of the panting woman who couldn't seem to get enough of Claire's nipples! Claire was now in the midst of the onset of a very major orgasm! Her nipples were super sensitive and this woman was sucking them like there was no tomorrow! Claire then whispered into the lady's ear, After you cum, eat my pussy! The woman could only nod as her own orgasm raced through her like a freight train on the loose, while at the same time she tried to inhale Claire's firm breast as she hit her peak! By now Claire couldn't wait another second as she grabbed the woman by the hair and pulled her mouth to her gaping vagina! The second that hot tongue touched her clit, Claire was s

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Tomoko kawada
You are so beautiful
Kaede kitajima
I wish someone fuck like this