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#226852 - Ashley is new in town and her son just joined the team and is wondering if he can earn a spot to? I already knew were this was going…all I could do was look up and say thank you Jesus in my mind absolutely I said…Ashley walked over and gave me a tight hug oh you are to sweet she said I could feel my cock growing in my pants…well there looks like its time to start a pre season practice don’t u think Jane Ashley said…oh absolutely Jane relied both women walked over and began undressing me as soon as all my clothes were off both women lead me upstairs to Janes room Ashley put her hand over my shoulders from behind and began rubbing my body slowly running her hands down my chest to my stomach ,,all the wile kissing me on the neck and shoulder whispering fitly words into my ears about all the dirty thing that they were ganna do to me I walked Barbie over to the bed laid her down gently and dropped to my knees and started kissing the insides of her beautiful thiegsslowly working my way to

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Ellen baker
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Yuuto kidou
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