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#115561 - then she jumed she was cuming it smelled so good and we laid there naked for a hour we were so exhausted. she had a half brother tanish we were friends form childhood tanish texted me his mom and dad going for a tour for two days so that he told me to stay at his house to look after her two days and told me to talk and convice her because he knows our relationship and he also left somewhere and he told me he won't come until two days and he left us to stay alone for two days and i said my parents am going out for two days then my evil mid hit me with something good first i was so happy and i slowly talked her and asked her do you love me or not like a geek she suddenly said no then i acted like crying and hunged and kiss her slowly touched her cheeks over her shorts but she just suddenly refused me the i said sorry and hug her she pushed me and went to her room.

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