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#90220 - Scarlet, flustered and not a little put out by his suggestion I told him we should not do that and he was a naughty man for even suggesting it, he still laughing reminded me that he had seen me naked lots of times throughout my childhood and I retaliated by saying maybe so but not now I was older and when my cousin was taking what would be after all very naughty pictures. I was rather withdrawn and a bit of a loner until I caught the dancing bug, my parents fortunately indulged me and I enrolled in a ballet school and what I lacked in female form was compensated for by poise and the ability of lithe movement so I was well sought after by the producers of amateur shows. I will confess that the intensity of them frightened me and I always stopped well short of bringing on the ultimate contortions of the orgasm that I knew was approaching, wondering if my parents would know what I had been doing by my body language if I went all the way.

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