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#321945 - Needless to say there was no progress on the patio that weekend, however the following Saturday I woke up late to find that the slabs were laid out in preparation for work and William was hard at work trying to dig up a area of turf, he was really struggling as it was a hot humid day, Rachel kept popping out to urge him on and it was winding him up no end, finally a blazing row broke out with more than a few swear words exchanged, it ended when William stormed off to the pub and Rachel returned to the house slamming the door, about 10 minutes later I watched her leave the house and begin to try to lift the turf herself, so I wandered across and said hello she seemed pleased to see me and dropped her spade “fuck him, he is a bone idle waste of space” she said then added “I guess you heard all the swearing, what a blight on the estate we must be” she smiled and I smiled too “fancy a coffee over at mine” I asked, she gave me a knowing look before accepting, once back in my flat she seemed

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