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#162889 - At my age I was able to keep my body fit , as I still measure 34-25-35 for my 5’3” height , I’m fair and flawless complexioned and my looks you could mistaken for a 22 year old , I’m fairly beautiful as they say and it proves as I would represent our department in sports tournaments as the muse in favor of the much younger ones. I buried my head in a pillow pulled over as the landlord continue to grind my pussy with his cock from my behind, David was way asleep not aware of anything that is happening , I lift up my head and look back at the man fucking me , perspiration dripping all over his face to his chin down my ass cheeks which he was holding unto. “Yes,,,,, aaah , oooh, fuck me more, ooh!” I murmured.

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Shouichi kusanagi
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Fumio murakami
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