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#86115 - Marcus stops taking pictures and says I just want to thank you both so much, I've always wanted to see this and it's finally happening so again thank you , Marcus tells Anna to get on the bed and lay on her back, she does what she's told, Marcus tells her to put her legs in the air and spread them wide, again she does what she's told. Again there's an awkward silence when Marcus says Like I said I know it's a lot to absorb so please take some time and think about this and let me know what you decide, if you both agree to my terms I'll have my lawyer write up the paper work making it all perfectly legal , Anna says What do you mean? . Anna gives Marcus a big hug and leaves his place, She really hopes that he decides to help her, she goes to her apartment and prepares a meal for her and Brent.

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Who is she
Red saber
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Kozuki momonosuke
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Yuuma toutetsu
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