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#65085 - I then slowly started to let the sperms stay into my mouth so I can enjoy it for longer time as I could. Dani said that he wanted to pee, I told him that he can do it in my mouth, He agreed. So I drove over to his house, I arrived and help my self in the house since the door was open, I went up to Dani’s bed room just to find him on his bed with his just his shorts on, I moved close to him and pulled hit short down, turned up side down so my face is facing his ass, as I mentioned I do like ass hole liking, I started to put my tongue into his soft juicy ass liking it gently and moving my tongue around and into his ass hole, it was so sexy, I then placed my finger in his ass and pushed it into it slowly, Dani made a AH AH voice, then I was fucking him with my finger, my cock was so hard, I then proposed a situation that will make us both sexed up, it was 69 position, Dani agreed directly.

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Jin akutsu
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Albert heinrich
Esa hermanita si que esta buena y deliciosa