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#127044 - The spirals now showed from her belly button down to her dark red peach fuzz mound hair! It had bottomed out!! The tip shoved into her cervix!! The pleasure woman left it buried to the hilt in Ruby's pussy letting that tight little thing adjust to such a monstrous intruder, And ever so slowly pulled it back out spinning backwards to the way it spun up into her pussy making Ruby go crazy with feeling it, Screaming out her pussy was being screwed out of her and yes her cunt opening swelled outwards, tightly clasping, the thing and would snap back, then outwards, and then snap back. As whatever they'd drank began to affect each of them in a strange wildly erotic way. Both of them jerking and twisting as their pussies and tits began hot throbbing feelings so much so each was now grunting and moaning in heated lust.

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