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#191249 - Suddenly the room went quiet, the screens lit up and i heard Mandy call out , here Joan quick , there's Peta getting the champ ready, Hey Sara, what do you think of him as i looked at the screen and saw this massive horse being readied by the pretty girl in shorts and tank top, i recognized the girl as one of the many who came through the office, sexy and so damn suggestive each time i saw her, she was leading the horse from the stables up to the starting lines,, all went quiet and then i saw a flurry of betting, each bet that was placed between the women here drew a glance at me i started to feel like i was being judged each woman slowly looked me up and down and made comments to each other before passing money over and selecting tickets. Sara you look good enough to eat right here honey, her hands drifted down my back and lingered on my behind, a shiver ran through me, next her mouth closed over mine and her tongue brushed my tongue, another shiver and i could feel the heat ra

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