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#186841 - Jake woke up the next morning to the smell of bacon, still groggy, he stumbled out of bed not even bothering to but on any clothes, and walked downstairs. Jake leaned down, and kissed his girlfriend on the shoulder, as her head rolled backwards, moaning in pleasure, she continued rocking her hips on his hands, alternating the pleasure on her clit and forcing Jake’s finger deeper in her ass, as her orgasm started to approach Katie, thrust her hips backwards impaling her ass on his finger, and pulled his other hand closer on her clit. As Jake neared his orgasm, he pulled out just as started to spurt, the first spurt landed squarely on Katie’s chin, her tongue immediately lapping it up, the remaining spurts landed mostly on the t-shirt that she was still wearing, some dripped onto her bald pubic mound.

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