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#326189 - We are both waitresses working in the same restaurant and the owner had asked us both to clean up and make sure that all of the building was locked up, I set to work on one half of the restaurant whilst SHE set to work on the other, I could feel the anger bubbling away inside me as I watched her work her tables because I knew she had been phoning my boyfriend behind my back while flirting and smiling at me. I dug in harder and yanked some more at her hair trying to inflict the same pain on her as I was feeling but I lost my balance and we were soon side on facing each other our legs flailing both trying to get the upper hand and get back on top she let go with her right hand and raked at my tits ripping my skimpy top open “fuck you bitch” she yelled as her claws dug deeper and harder into my tits “ouch you fucking slag” I screamed as I felt the full force of her grip on my tits I responded in the same way she had done and bought my left down hard onto her neck then onto her tits.

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This hentai made me realize how trash my girlfriends hj game is
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