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#468028 - Do you want to shit? he asks. Lucile settles herself, the old notary arranges and poses her so that her wide--flung legs display her cunt to the fullest advantage, in which open and prominent position it may be readily employed as a chamber pot. One was obliged not only to watch him shit, no, there was more to it than that: I had to help him, with my fingers, facilitate the matter's emergence by pressing, opening, agitating, compressing his anus, and when once he had been freed of his burden, I had with utmost care to clean the soiled area with my tongue.

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Juri han
I miss when before he cum you let us see the cum and then let him push your head down and gives you a throatpie and it would be the best if he cum too much and you have to spit drip some out of your mouth when he cum keep up
Io nitta
The black and white relationships are going better and better
Zelgadis greywords
Ela ama isso