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#368953 - I got up from my seat and gave her a hug and and said H?i N? zài zhèl? zuò shénme ((hey what are you doing here)) Me and my family are here on holiday and we have come to say hello to the Spencers so we sat down and catched up and I opened the pressent she had brought me and then Nila said Who is this pointing to Harvey I said that's my hustband Harvey anyway a few hours later Nila left and it was back to being me and Harvey so we sat and talked alot about where we see are selfs in the future and harvey said I see my self still married to you with a beautiful son and me fresh out of College as a public defender I was shocked at harveys answer and I said Baby i thought you wanted to be a Football player I did but now I have set my self bigger and better targets and I was hoping your mom would help me out a bit I smiled at harvey and said I'm sure she will baby as for me i see us still married with baby Romeo Harvey stopped me in my sentance and said Baby stop

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