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#326732 - I snatched the printed out sheet from my printer and stopped, thinking I should probably get changed out of my uniform before going back to the school, I don’t know why this thought suddenly sprang to mind but I had to disregard it anyway as I look at the clock, I ran into the living room and told my mother where I was going, I ran off to school, it was 6. It’s year 10 now, things are getting scary as we realise it’s just a year and a half left till we sit our GCSE’s. She looked as if she was about to cry, “Well there are certain factors effecting the probability of getting pregnant, first of all, inheritance, it’s passed down in your DNA, and I know my mother got pregnant twice and those were the only two times she had unprotected sex…”, I didn’t know what else to say other than the truth, “Well I know that my father has 10 children all from different marriages…” Jen held back the tears “It’s an unsupported fact that often a shorter penis is less likely to make a woman pregnant…” fo

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